From December 4, 2023, to December 7, 2023, a team of visitors made up of Dr. MAY GURI on behalf of NORAD and Dr. MAWUFE on behalf of IITA Kinshasa visited all the activities carried out by AALI and its partners as part of the BBEST project.

The aim of the mission was to inquire about the progress of the activities carried out by AALI and its partners within the framework of the BBEST project, to give new orientations for the effectiveness of the activities planned within the framework of the BBEST project, and to understand the impact of the activities that are carried out within the framework of the BBEST project on the local community and the beneficiaries. As part of the BBEST project, AALI is setting up several black soldier fly production units. These units are supplied with BSF strains produced at the BSF experimental production unit at INERA Mulungu. This experimental unit is also used for training and extension of BSF technology in the community, to combat the problem of urban organic waste, and to make up for the protein deficiency that is proving costly in animal feed.

Project BBEST:
We have made operational our two decentralised units for the production of the black soldier fly, located in Nyangezi.
One at the Weza Institute, the other at the AALI/Agriparc youth brigade.
The latter have been fully equipped to manage the biowaste generated at these facilities.
At the Institut Weza, for example, the decentralised unit, apart from being a framework for training and disseminating BSF technology, will make it possible to absorb waste from the boarding school, agricultural activities, and markets to reinforce the agro-pastoral activities carried out there.
For the Agriparc, the unit is a framework par excellence for the valorization of crop residues and generated bio-waste, while reinforcing the fish farming and agricultural activities that take place there.
Our model advocates the circular economy in the sense that the waste generated by various activities helps to produce inputs for use in agriculture (MSN compost and MSN larvae).