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The vision of AALI involves “Advancing Leadership in African Agricultural Transformation”. AALI envisions a vibrant and bold African leadership, supported by experienced African agricultural professionals, to catalyze public and private investments to accelerate and sustain Africa’s needed agricultural transformation, particularly among its poorest households, women and youth. AALI intends to engage 20 key Heads of State and empower a network of 1,500 Youth Champions who will secure this goal. This vision demands that agriculture be viewed as a business that attracts the private sector and investment from governments and development banks to stimulate and modernize its advancement. This approach contrasts to the existing paradigm where agriculture is viewed as a problem sector with insufficient budget allocation from governments and is rather over-dependent upon poorly coordinated funding from the donor community. For this transformation to occur, the mindset of current SSA leadership at all levels must change to acknowledge that modernized and more resilient agriculture must drive Africa’s future economic growth.