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A Stronger African voice in the Continent’s
Agricultural Transformation

The African Agricultural Leadership Institute (AALI) is an independent, non-profit international entity that provides an African perspective and voice to the diverse services required to accelerate Africa’s agricultural transformation, particularly among its political leadership, and for its women and youth beneficiaries.

AALI aims to shift the leadership of African agricultural development to the growing ranks of senior African agricultural professionals who share the insights and perspectives and the voice required to address the Continent’s many challenges.

AALI envisions a vibrant and bold African leadership, supported by experienced African Agricultural Professionals.

The vision of AALI involves “Advancing Leadership in African Agricultural Transformation”

This vision demands that agriculture be viewed as a business that attracts the private sector and investment from governments and development banks to stimulate and modernize its advancement. This approach contrasts with the existing situation where agriculture appears a neglected sector with insufficient budget allocation from governments, and largely dependent on the donor community priorities and funding.

Accelerated & Equitable

Agricultural Transformation

The transformation of the African agricultural sector is an inclusive issue. The true agricultural transformation can only take place in countries with the combination of research, delivery, agribusiness and a willing and well-informed policy preparation as well as of a favourable environment.

Outcomes & Impact

AALI’s impacts are based upon its comparative advantage and where synergies add value to the work performed by others. We offer the following outcomes;

Genuine commitment of Government Officials to Agriculture

Commitment to agriculture by government officials becomes more genuine and the abilities of national governments to chart their food systems performance and agro-ecosystem resilience improve over time.

Raising Young Agribusiness Leaders

We have operationalized the Youth Brigade initiative, in close liaison with the Agricultural Transformation Agenda of the Democratic Republic of Congo (ATA-DRC). The Youth Brigade covers the following thematic areas: Vocational Agriculture, Crop Production, Livestock Production, Agricultural Education, Communication, Digital Agriculture, Monitoring and Evaluation.


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